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Brochure Manual Window Systems


Remote window controls in its various forms have been supplied by BPL for almost twenty years. We have gained a considerable understanding of the systems and their limitations and are on hand to offer advice and guidance especially to those unfamiliar with the principles of cable control operation.

Building Profiles manual window control systems feature a comprehensive range of economical, quality built products to operate high level or inaccessible windows. Single or multiple vents can be opened and closed from a single operator depending on the specification of the window(s) and the system selected.

When considering a cable driven installation, the installer should appreciate that pulling a cable through the system has a more powerful effect than pushing it. The general rule, for example, is to arrange for the cable to be pulled to open butt hinged windows and pushed on windows with slide stays. Naturally, this code of practice assumes that all hinge points are as friction free as possible. The freedom of the cable moving inside the conduit is paramount. This fairly obvious fact is sometimes overlooked with disappointing results.

Sash & casement weight are the prime consideration in any system. However, weight is not the only consideration when specifying a system. Every push point, bend in the cable, junction box and metre run, will increase the load applied to the operator as it tries to moves the cable along its confined run.

It is important when designing this type of installation to avoid overloading the effort required to get things moving. The fewer obstructions the cable encounters, the more successful the installation. Introducing an extra operator to reduce a run length and its workload may be an additional cost, but ultimately, this could avoid extra time on site desperately trying to get a borderline arrangement working satisfactorily. In other words even the Quick Line system, effective as
Brochure Manual Window Systems

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