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112 Folding Opener


The 112 type folding opener has the operating eye for the tandem bar located on the top arm and can be used for both hand operation at low level or high level with tandem bars and the 262 tandem eye.

The 112 folding opener is available in lockable and releasable versions and provides a window aperture opening of up to 150mm.

For larger windows two or three openers can be linked simply using our range of tandem bars to provide opening and closing from a single point. Tandem bars are located through the operating ring in the top arm.

The design means that if a tandem eye is required this should always point back into the room so this can be reached easily with an operating pole.

High level operation is achieved by using an operating pole connected to the operating ring or additional tandem eye (see below) allowing simple opening and closing from one point.

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112 Folding Opener