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Hinges Restrictor Stays HSR

Hinges Restrictor Stays  

The HSR restrictor stays employ a simple built in child resistant catch, which limits the opening to a maximum of 100mm when restricted. Opening the window fully is a quick and easy one-handed operation for an adult.  
Use either as a single for side hung or as a pair for top hung, tested to BS6375 Part 2 1987, to withstand a force of 600N, when opened to its restricted position.  
Stack height 13/14mm also available with 16/17mm stack height.

Code                   Description
FS0109               HSR 12” Restrictor Stay     LH 
FS0110               HSR 12” Restrictor Stay     RH 
FS0111               HSR 16” Restrictor Stay    LH 
FS0112               HSR 16” Restrictor Stay     RH 
FS0117               HSR 20” Restrictor Stay     RH 
FS0118               HSR 24” Restrictor Stay     LH 
FS0119               HSR 24” Restrictor Stay     RH  

Hinges Restrictor Stays HSR

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